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AhunnitK is an aspiring artist that migrated from Rhode Island to Texas. Given the competition in a new heavily populated arear, he was unsure how he wouldreach new listeners effectively. A few weeks after working together, he has made some major improvements, achieving his highest viewed video of all time while getting some amazing feedback detailing how well he fits within the new scene. The results from his promotion have placed AhunnitK in a position to make a living from his music. Would you like to learn how? We look forward to working with you!



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Watch as your stats grow simultaneously with new listener engagement and reap the rewards of true greatest at any level. However, if you did not do the work necessary to appeal to the masses, you will hear it from them. 

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Since 2016, we've worked closely with artists to fulfill our mission, to provide artists of all genres with the necessary tools to successfully build a fan base and make enough weekly, monthly, and yearly profit to live off of their music. 

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