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Best Pop Duo Out Of Rhode Island?

It's no secret that our platform has a strong reputation for hosting urban/hip hop artists, but as our goals to expand increase, so has our diversity in music. Pop music in Rhode Island is a prevalent genre, yet we rarely come across pop artists from the state. In doing our research, we came across a few names with unique talents, but none that measured up to that of the pop duo named Tyler & Ryan.

Starting as cover artists over a decade ago, these two were able to build a massive following of over 173K subscribers on their YouTube channel, gaining fans worldwide. What's most impressive regarding Tyler & Ryan is that they appear to have executed these massive feats off the strength of their hustle and theirs alone. We scoured the net to do a little research on them, and the results were impressive as they've obtained news coverage, quite a bit of press, and have performed professionally on numerous occasions.

We guess if they aren't signed (and are willing to), it will only be a matter of time before someone picks them up and places them in a position to take the world by storm. If you are unfamiliar with the pop duo, you may get acquainted by checking out their latest music video done together, "Tempted."

Since the song's release in 2020, the two have yet to release any new music videos together; Tyler has since released a solo music video, I Took Off Your Clothes, and looks to be taking the time to collaborate with other artists. It will be interesting to see how the tides turn for Tyler & Ryan in the future.

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