Can You Trust All Music Promotion Companies?

Salt is a rapper from the midwest, pursuing her dreams of being a rap star for more than five years. Since her first song, she released four albums, 30 singles, and shot over 15 music videos. From what her peers tell her, Salt is a star in the making, and all she needs to do is keep working until she gets in front of the right person to take her career to the next level. Five years of repetitive advice from the same people is beginning to take its toll; shouldn't she have been noticed by now?

Salt has always dreamed of getting her music listened to by millions worldwide, believing it would be far more comfortable than she realized. Her love for music starts to become resentment for fruitless labor as insecurities regarding her talent creep through. Salt makes up in her mind that she will give this one last try before wrapping up her career, but how would she do it? Analyzing her brand, Salt realized that her music's quality, quantity, and availability were not an issue, narrowing her sights to lack of exposure.

There wasn't a thing Salt knew about music promotion, so she went where everyone else goes to find something out, Google. After hours into her online searching, Salt became overwhelmed by the information flooding googles search engines. Music promotion was something she'd never thought about or prepared for, so she decided to look for the best promotional company to fulfill her needs.

She combed through website after website, hunting for the go-to platform to make her music go viral. Finally, she came across a headline meant for her, one that stated, "Make Your Music Viral In 30 Days". Exhilarated, Salt immediately enters the site and reviews their products, services, and reviews. Impressed with the website's credentials, Salt purchased a promotion package that is guaranteed to bring her favorite music video 250,000 views for $500.

Thirty days later, Salt went to check the analytics of her music video. To her surprise, the 250,000 views were there! Salt's big moment had finally come; she screenshotted the stats to her video and shared them all over her social media accounts, thanking her new fans for supporting her and informing them of music coming soon. Shortly after her high of fame began to subside, Salt noticed something a bit peculiar. Of the views she earned, not one person has engaged, liked, commented on, or shared the song. The promotion company scammed her by delivering fake views!

Furious and at a $500 loss, Salt did everything in her power to contact the company, all efforts resulting in no response. The experience leads to Salt never entrusting her music or money with another music promotion company, as they are all scammers. Months later, Salt quit her music career.

Question: Do you believe Salt is right about music promotion companies?

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