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Dee - 1 - My Joy Is My Weapon | The Future Of Hip Hop?

It's no secret that most hip-hop music has a derogatory impact on its listeners; many believe that this impact has been the cause of the downward spiral of urban communities. Every so often, you get the occasional "We have to do better" speeches from renowned voices of hip-hop media, but to what avail? Who is standing on what they preach regarding the uplifting of our people, and if they are artists, why is the message so absent in their music?

We've seen Dee -1 before, but we had no factual information on who he is and what he's about until the recent controversy that is shaking up hip-hop and urban music. Dee-1 is standing on what he believes in via his music, in the media, and taking action through the educational system to be the change he wants to see. His latest single My Joy Is My Weapon is a statement that we heard loud and clear, and we hope you do as well. In all honesty, we don't see the more dangerous side of hip-hop going anywhere for some time due to the circumstances that many civilians have been subjected to for generations. We do hope that Dee-1 is the turning knob to a door that urban artists didn't know existed, one that will not only sonically uplift our people but uplift them in life as well.

Dee 1, the artist, is a newer name on our radar, but we look forward to seeing how his sound and music develop over time, as he very well may be the key to many bright futures in music, education, and far more.

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