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Deveye This , Deveye That - Live Performance

The streets of Queens, New York, may have given birth to another potential rap titan. Deveye, a name that has been shaking up the streets of NY since May of 2022, has been going full speed ahead since the release of his hit single, Excuse Me. Deveye has made the rounds, embodying what it truly means to go "all in" with his music. From grinding on social media to hitting every club that opens their doors to him and getting stamped by heavy hitters in the music industry through radio play, it's clear that he isn't taking no for an answer. This time around, he releases his latest video Deveye This, Deveye That, a live performance where he continues to shine doing what it feels he's made to do. Is it only a matter of time before Deveye gets what he deserves, or will he have to continue waking up sleepers and stepping on necks to get his just due?

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