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Lil Maru & 22Gfay - Nasty 4

On our never-ending journey to find dope music, we ran into Nasty 4 by fly guys Lil Maru & 22Gfay. We could tell that Maru's been at this for a little by how much of a vibe the song is, and after a bit of digging on his YouTube channel, our instincts were confirmed. Maru has the presence of a star in the making, and if he continues to execute the right moves and sounds, we won't be surprised if we hear him at the highest level in the future. 22Gfay was a smart collab for this song, as their styles complimented each other well. We will be keeping an eye on these two as they take the helm of their music careers, though this looks like the inception of something dope.

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