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Boi2Times - Anybody

Recording artists' recent acknowledgment of structural control within their music careers is adequately tipping the scale in their favor. We've seen this change coming since 2015, and time has proven that it was only a matter of time. With this new wave of entrepreneurial spirit within the music industry, many new talents and sounds have emerged with a more dominant presence than ever before. Listeners aren't just hearing top artists from major cities, or those that have been able to survive strictly from validated clout or getting in the room. They are now being given the option to listen to whomever they want, as long as they can be found. This has opened the door for artists like Boi2times, a Rhode Island native looking to make a much larger impact than maybe he'd even thought possible when his career began.

After launching his second single Anybody, Boi2times has been showing potential to not only be a household name in his state. Material evidence proves that Boi's music can touch the hearts of the masses, but can he do it? Rumors are spreading that Boi2times has something special brewing in the pot, one that may impact his life and career beyond measure. Do you see it coming?

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