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Rhode Island Urban Radio: The Impact of The Franchise Report

For what seems like decades, we've heard the rage of urban artists and listeners alike express their discontent with the lack of local coverage the state of Rhode Island received for urban talent. No platform existed that dedicated its purpose to highlighting the local rappers and hip hop artists that occupied the state, possible playing a role in the overall perception that the state is overlooked; at least in radio. We want to take a moment to highlight an individual who took it upon himself (and his associates) to create what the pulse of urban hip hop in Rhode Island needed, but is he as appreciated as one may think?

For anyone in the know, DJ Franchise is not an unfamiliar name. The rise of his show The Franchise Report has been documented on YouTube for the last six years (we believe it began on Facebook); it's amazing how what appeared to begin as a podcast turned into the number one location local rappers visit to showcase their talents via radio. Franchise has highlighted artists of all skill sets, illuminating many who may have never been discovered otherwise. His consistency has allowed him to piece together an enormous catalog of artists, but is he truly rewarded for his efforts?

Even though Franchise has filled a valuable gap in the market, we rarely see publications and hear many shout-outs or high praise aside from those who were on or involved with the show. Somehow, the voice of urban music in Rhode Island still voices a lack of support, even with The Franchise Reports' existence. Are we bugging, or has this show and the team that has brought it together earned more of a presence for the value they bring to urban music in Rhode Island?

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