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Tye Cooper - Golden Globes Featuring Benny The Butcher & Cristina Mackey

Tye Cooper is a Rhode Island artist that we believe deserves his flowers. Formerly known as Messy Tye, Cooper hasn't always been a critical name amongst his counterparts when Rhode Island rap discussions occur, but those who know him appreciate his ability and raw talent. Within the last year, Tye has put his rap career in sport mode, upping his visual quality and lyrical compositions. He recently teamed up with Benny The Butcher & Cristina Mackey to debut his latest visual Golden Globes. Given the evident growth and efforts to enhance his overall presence, it will be interesting to see where Tye ends up in the near future. Could the connection to Benny mean something more significant for his career? For those into the alignment of numbers, take note that he released this one on 11/11/22 at 11 AM.

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