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Yah Yah - No Talkin

As success within music develops more frequently for those coming from urban communities, it is no wonder that (regardless of what the media says) drill music is still a prominent element. Yah Yah, a Rhode Island native we've had our eye on for some time is placing himself front in center in the mix informing anyone who doesn't know what time he and his team are on. There may be arguments that Yah Yah's music is controversial or even unsafe for himself and those in his circle, but there is no denying the conviction in his words and his talent as he asserts himself in his latest single "No Talkin". Could Yah Yah be a new face of drill for his city?

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2021

Nah I like the aggression, but dude fell off a few times with the bars and flow. Keep working though youngin, I see it in there.

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