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Who Are Rhode Island Best Urban Engineers?

So often do we hear conversations regarding industry-level artists, producers, managers, etc. But how often do people highlight the best engineers where they are from? Being from Rhode Island, we'd like to give flowers to two engineers we believe have been putting solid work in since we've known about them and who are pushing the envelope to make a quality sound in music worth hearing in the state.

First, we'd like to give our flowers to Genrus, someone we were introduced to in 2016. Genrus has paved his lane in the Rhode Island music scene and has reaped the benefits of hard work, dedication, and resilience. We've seen him fight through personal and professional hardship, remain strong, and never lose sight of his goals.

We look forward to seeing him prosper in the near future.

Next, we'd like to show our respect to Murk of The Boiler Room. We were introduced to Murk more recently but were always aware of his work through artists we've worked with in the past. Murk has also put in the groundwork to solidify himself as a go-to engineer if you take your sound quality seriously as an artist. It'll be amazing to see how far he will take his brand.

We typically like to provide more background information about the overall journey of two powerhouses like these, but we believe it should come from their mouths in an interview. Hopefully, we can make that happen soon!

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